FMS Revo

UI design & front-end development

FMS Revo is a fanta management soccer platform with over 30.000 users.
My role in this project was the redesign of the new UI and the front-end development of it.
1 month after the release, more than 90% of users have opted for the new layout.

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Old VS New

Old FMS Revo did not provide a mobile version with the same features of desktop website.
The new release allows user to watch his league status and apply changes from smartphone and tablets.

Team and messages

Each team have a descripion page, where user views informations about the team history, team results and other statistics.
Users sends messages each other through a chat panel, accessible at any time.

Masonry layout

FMS Revo allows Users to customize widget positions on the dashboard.
I used a Masonry layout which is a smart solution to get a flexible design.

Team management

The core of FMS Revo is the formation page, with which user sends the team line-up for the near matches.
This page is available also in mobile version.

Transfer market

This section allows User to sell and buy players.
The state of the market are managed by actions, implemented through buttons and messages.




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