UX/UI design & prototyping

Foody is a personal project.
The aim of this app concept is get user's favorite food everywhere and at any time.
UX path begin from three user needs:
Personal taste.
Short time.
Brand's confidence.

Three ways, one goal

The user is asked how he wants to looking for the restaurants.
He can choose by his favorites meal, his position or his favorite brand.

Discover restaurants

A map show to the user where are the restaurants, filtered by his previous choice.
Below the map I placed a scrollable list of restaurants with generic informations like users feedback, opening time and other infos.
Once user selects the restaurant, he can see it profile with images, menu with prices, in-depth informations and offers.

Meal customization

User can add extra ingredients to the meal, increase or decrease item quantity, write notes about the order and finally add it to the basket.
He will be able to decide where consume the item and how to get it.

Resume and checkout

User views a detailed order resume.
He can change order parameters and select reservation/delivery time.


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