UX/UI design & prototyping

Hy-travel it's a project created during the Google Startup Weekend 2015.
Working with my team, we got the second place in the event standings.
Hy-travel consists in a mobile app to book travels in different locations all over the world.
In last year I designed this mockup to explain it's UX process.

User centered search

App splits the experience in two ways: the user can type his desired destination or get some suggestions based on his preferences.
On the nav bar, I placed the search icon shortcut that allow user to go back to search at any time he needs.

Accomodation description and reservation

User views images, description and facilities of the selected accomodation.
Hotel Manager infos increase confidence during the booking process.
Once the accomodation is selected, the reservation path begin with check-in and check-out dates.

Resume and confirm

In the end of reservation path, user views the resume listing Hotel Manager name, check-in and check-out dates, room features.
I place a bread crumb in the bottom section of the screen that allow user to move backward or forward during reservation process.
Clicking on "Reserve your room" button, user displays the Hotel Manager confirm message.

Account and social

User can manage his personal account, invite Instragram and Facebook friends and get discounts inside the platform.


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