Lorenzo Preziosi

UX/UI design & front-end development

Lorenzo Preziosi is an italian windows company.
The project target was the creation of a corporate website that expresses craftsmanship company vision.
I fully developed a custom theme, applying it on Wordpress CMS.

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Clean and inspirational graphics

I designed a clear wide layout, using brigth colors and inspirational images.
The typefaces is structured with serif headings and sans-serif body font.

Masonry layout

In the "Combined styles" page I used a masonry layout to have great flexibility.

Handcrafted style illustrations

Instead of using 3D renderings or real images, I choosed to draw custom illustrations of the real windows to enhance the craftsmanship tone of voice.

Functional layout

I created a large tab section to view the texture lists, core of Lorenzo Preziosi Company.


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