Save the Children

UX/UI design & front-end development

Save the Children Italy commissioned to me the project "Piano alla Mano".
"Piano alla Mano" is the digitalization of a map realized by the young guys of Save the Children Ancona.
This project talk about young people resilience in case of natural disasters.
They want to explain with a youth tone of voice to istitutions and adults about safe areas, hospitals, resource areas helpful in case of natural disasters.

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Mobile first

The layout was designed focused for mobile use.
I used Google Maps APIs to create features like the map marker position, the marker toggle system and the visualization of informations about clicked area.

Easy to access

User finds lot of informations organized with a smart hierarchy.

Child friendly

Graphic elements are aligned to the youth tone of voice: content are easy to understand.


The company ask lots of attentions on following their visual guidelines.
Save the Children IT and design departments evaluate the design before accept it.
Below icons was drawn following the Save the Children guidelines for icon design and color palette.